Project TitleOptoelectric Frequency Comb Generator
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Andrew Weiner

Purdue Electrical and Computer Engineering

TagsDigital Modulation, electrical engineering, instrumentation, optics, telecommunications
Posted DateOct 10, 2017 3:04 PM


Andrew Weiner
Daniel Leaird
Andrew Metcalf
Victor Torres-Company

Optoelectric Frequency Comb Generator


Optical frequency combs are light sources with many different frequencies of light combined together at evenly spaced spectral lines. When the output is graphed based on frequency, it resembles the teeth of a comb, hence it was named optical frequency comb. Because of their precision and the discrete spacing between the different frequencies, combs are used for making highly accurate measurements of time or light frequencies. 

Technology Summary

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new optoelectric frequency comb generator that can produce 60 to 70 optical channels. These channels can be tuned in both absolute frequency and frequency spacing while avoiding the complex design and operation of traditional combs. It uses a unique scheme that provides a simple, robust operation from 6 to18 GHz and can handle 1W of optical input power. The stability and tunable nature of this technology makes it useful for applications ranging from optical communication to arbitrary waveform generation.


  • Broad bandwidth 
  • High power operation 
  • Easily tunable

Potential Applications

  • Optical communications
  • Waveform generation

Stage of Development

Proof of Concept

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