Project TitleVariable Flow Gear Pump
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Andrea Vacca

Purdue Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Maha Fluid Power Research Center

Andrea Vacca

Purdue Mechanical Engineering

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Posted DateJul 31, 2017 11:10 AM


Andrea Vacca
Srinath Tankasala

Variable Flow Gear Pump


Fixed displacement in external gear pumps are limited to having only one set flow rate. Most solutions to augment external gear pumps involve making drastic modifications to the pump's design. The more complicated designs involve moving the gears, which are the most loaded parts of the pump. Including more parts, introduces new sets of challenges that are not required to develop a more efficient pump. Large-scale applications are more difficult to perform with the more complicated designs. There is need for a simpler design to resolve the fixed displacement limitations of external gear pumps.

Technology Summary

Researchers at Purdue University have developed an electronically controlled variable flow external gear pump. Using a variable timing principle, electronic displacement control is realized in this novel pump design. Only one component of the gear pump is modified. This makes the design inexpensive and easier to implement while retaining all the advantages of a traditional gear pump. The actuation forces are low, needing lower energy for regulation. This variable displacement pump will help hydraulic system designers/engineers of fluid power systems who want to increase energy efficiency and performance while avoiding throttling losses and lowering energy waste and/or fuel consumption without resorting to system oversizing. This technology could be used in various hydraulic applications such as in engines and conveyor systems.


  • Inexpensive
  • Retains advantages of traditional gear pump
  • Energy efficient
  • Ease of implementation

Potential Applications

  • Various hydraulic applications
  • Engines
  • Conveyor systems

Stage of Development

Prototype testing

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